Editorial services for authors

Offering bespoke editing and proofreading services, guidance and advice tailored to you and your manuscript.
Working with you to help improve your writing and prepare your drafts for publication.

Your secret weapon in the publication process!

How I can help you

NEW Priority Service


A special service for short documents with an urgent deadline. Up to 2000 words, guaranteed 24-hour turnaround – perfect for your blog posts, emails, letters, reviews, CVs, marketing…

Flat fee of £27 per document

Developmental Editing


A holistic edit aimed at novelists. Incorporating a full copy editing service, with additional attention to story arcs, plot, narrative flow, characterisation, genre, voice and consistency.

From £20 per hour

Copy Editing


My standard service. An editorial pass through your manuscript with attention to style, usage, logical flow, consistency, repetition, word choice, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors.

From £18 per hour



The final polish before publication, to catch any remaining issues. An editorial pass through your document with attention to typographical errors, grammar, punctuation and formatting.

From £15 per hour

All my editorial changes are tracked in the documents, and full feedback is provided at every stage. I will consult with you to make sure my editing service matches your needs, and I am happy to apply house styles as required to suit you or your publisher.

I guarantee a fully confidential service, and offer free no-obligation sample edits so you can see how I work with no risk to you or your writing.

Meet your editor

Hello! I’m Louise. I live in beautiful Derbyshire in the UK, and I’ve been writing all my life and editing professionally for over a decade.

My passion is to help writers of all kinds to feel confident about the quality of their work. I offer bespoke, sensitive and constructive editorial guidance, meeting writers where they are to work with them on their manuscripts prior to publication.

I believe that all writers deserve to feel proud of their work, and I will do everything I can to help them achieve this.

Louise Maskill self portrait

I would like to thank you for your critique.

What you have written makes so much sense, and I’m enjoying the methodical correction process.

It’s really good to have someone read it for what it is and see the errors. I’m really pleased.


RJ, children’s fantasy author

Professional and impressive work … we just submitted the revision of the manuscript.

We really appreciate your kindness and help.


TL, academic client

Just finished breezing through your edits. Very pleased indeed with your style and nuggets of insight into How to Write Real Good.


AT, fantasy fiction author