Writing Challenge – 100 words for grown-ups #2

My second attempt at this weekly writing challenge, run by The Head’s Office, and this one’s a bit different from my first one. The new prompt was to write a 100-word piece using the phrase “…the alarm went off…“, and I didn’t like it much; I spent a good while feeling miserable about alarm clocks and my (and the children’s) imminent return to school at the end of the holidays, but then I realised I was wasting good writing time.

They had all drifted into a restless sleep when the alarm went off. Even Spyder, who was supposed to be on watch, was dozing, propped upright against a tree with his shotgun across his knees. The gentle pinging brought them all instantly awake, though, scrabbling for weapons as they scanned the darkness.

Gower scuffed earth over the embers of the fire as they all silently blessed Copley’s elaborate system of tripwires, which he insisted on setting every night wherever they made camp. The alarm had never gone off before, but tonight it seemed someone, or something, had finally found them.

3 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – 100 words for grown-ups #2

  1. Love it! What a clever idea to have the alarm as a signal of danger rather than time passing! I wan to know what it was that set it off now!

  2. GSussex says:

    I will be interested to read what set the alarm off!

  3. Louise says:

    After watching ‘The Walking Dead’ I’ll confess I was thinking about zombies, but you could insert your own bogey-man-of-choice… I must admit, I quite want to know what happens next – although I suspect it may be quite gory. Perhaps I’ll write it and see. 😉

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