Writing Challenge: 100 words for grown-ups #3

Haven’t done this one for a while – I like a writing challenge, but when I first saw the current list of words at Julia’s Place I wasn’t inspired. But then – what’s a challenge if it doesn’t make you think?

The challenge is to use Julia’s prompts in a piece of writing less than one hundred words long. This week’s list of prompt words is: LIBERTY, EMPIRE, APPLE, YELLOW, ENORMOUS

I curl up on the sofa, the enormous patchwork quilt made of scraps of fabric gathered from all parts of my family’s history nestling snugly round my shoulders. A peacock-blue Liberty print from my grandmother’s dress contrasts with egg-yolk yellow flannel from my old baby blanket and a green apple salvaged from my mother’s favourite apron – all redolent of home, comfort and safety.

I sniff miserably, my head full of cold and self-pity, and turn on the television. A rerun of The Empire Strikes Back. Han Solo, a cup of tea and my quilt. Suddenly I feel a bit better.

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: 100 words for grown-ups #3

  1. Sally says:

    That is a clever take on the words. You found your inspiration very well.

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