New blog – The Really Wild Editor

So I’ve started a new blog. Because clearly one isn’t enough for me – I mean, look at the volume of my output here. Obviously I just won’t shut up.


Anyway. My new effort, The Really Wild Editor, is a place for me to rant and complain about all the errors in written English that I come across in my random perambulations around Derbyshire and the wider world. I’ll photograph them and then name and shame – because, you know, a small part of me dies every time I see apple’s for sale at the local greengrocer, or a menu advertising a compliementary bottle of wine.

Come join me and send me examples of your own – you send ’em, I’ll post ’em.

3 thoughts on “New blog – The Really Wild Editor

  1. helenprev says:

    As an incredibly pedantic person, I think ‘complimentary’ is correct if it means free – complementary is if it goes with the taste of the meal!

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