Podcast – the Scrolls Book Club

A while ago, shortly after I started using Twitter in any sort of earnest, I fell in with bad company. These people are rude, funny and always online. They read and watch what pleases them, mainly geeky fantasy stuff, and then they write about what they think of it. They are Dion, Barry and Phil, among others, and they are, in short, my sort of people.

They hang out here, where they and loads of others review, argue, interview, podcast and generally get excited about a lot of stuff I like. So I started chatting to them, and … well, long story short, I ended up suggesting a book for an occasional book group podcast hosted by Dion. Before I could say “Joe Abercrombie” I was hooked up to Skype and talking book-related nonsense with Dion, Barry and Dion’s wife Clover about The Heroes.

There are worse ways to spend a Monday evening, let me tell you. I had an absolute blast, and am hoping to strongarm my way back in to be involved in another podcast some time soon. In the meantime, though, the recording is online here. Enjoy, and I’m sorry about the gushy fangirl wittering…

9 thoughts on “Podcast – the Scrolls Book Club


    I was listening and thinking, shut it, others, just let Lou speak!!

  2. Also, eh, you sounded BRILLIANT on that podcast, aside from your voice and accent.

    • Louise says:

      Aww, shucks. 🙂 I had a fab time – a great book, and awesome people to chat with. More, please!
      And the singing was ok, once I got there. I never really want to go, but I like it when I do…

  3. This is new, you said, yes? How do you fit it all in??

    Also, that printer incident on the podcast was quite funny.

  4. I’ve been talking about getting into singing again. I’m quite petrified. But I’ve been listening to so much choral lately that’s making my head explode. I wish I could read music.

  5. You are also an excellent reader. The details you remembered and such. And the way you guys discussed this book! Were I the author, I’d be swooning!

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