About Me

I live and work in rural Derbyshire, UK. I have a BSc and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Nottingham, and I worked for a number of years as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Division of Psychology, Derby University.

I have worked from home since 2008, enabling me to fit my freelance worklife around my young family. I hold a Certificate of Competence in Proofreading from Chapterhouse, and have editorial and transcription experience in many different areas.

I am passionate about the written word in all its forms – I read voraciously, and enjoy proofreading and copy-editing because they allow me to make a living doing what I love to do anyway! I learn something from every document I read, which makes the work endlessly varied and fascinating.

I also write – short stories for adults and children, magazine articles, a novel in progress, web content, and endless diary and blog entries. I maintain and edit two websites, and I wrote a research treatise as a result of an archaeological research internship I undertook for the Rural Life Centre in Surrey, UK. I have also written three short books about regional dialects (Sussex, Norfolk and Yorkshire) for Bradwell Books, with two more (Suffolk and Somerset) in preparation.