I’ve never done an online book swap before. I have done other online exchanges, but they were quilting/fabric related, back when I was doing a lot of sewing; I haven’t had the time for much of that for a number of years (I miss it…), so no swaps or exchanges either. I’ve never really been pricked to sign up for book swaps; I have participated in a number of reading challenges, but usually come to resent reading stuff because I have to, or to make up numbers, or whatever. I’m also quite bad at deadlines aside from work, which doesn’t help.

So I don’t really know how/why I came across Bex and Hanna‘s Ninja Book Swap, or why I signed up. But I did, and I’m so glad.

First I had the joy (and panic) of buying and acquiring items to send to Callie – panic caused by ordered items not arriving as scheduled, meaning the parcel went off on the deadline day, a bit light of items, containing a scarf from my wardrobe rather than the lovely new one I’d sourced, and without other treats because I ran out of time.*

Then, after a short wait, my own parcel arrived today, from Sprite – and what a corker it was! So much joy, such a lovely thing (pile of things) to receive – I think this may become my new hobby.

IMG_20160401_1756285_rewindThank you so much, Sprite – I’ll be in touch personally very soon. And as an extra note – my two daughters were so impressed and delighted with my swap goodies that they both want to sign up for the Ninja Book Swap next time it runs. Spreading the joy!


*See above re deadlines. Sorry Callie – first book swap, I guess I didn’t know the form. After my huge haul from Sprite I feel humble, and promise a further parcel of goodness at some point soon to make up for it. Paying it forward, and all that…