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For the last week I’ve been hopping about with excitement, desperate to celebrate and start shouting about something, but not quite sure whether it was allowed. I hung on, biting my lip, hugging myself with glee and squeaking quietly every so often, waiting for permission – until now, when, with great joy and a nod […]

So here it is – my exciting announcement, which I’ve been gleefully hugging myself over for a week or so. I had almost given up hope for my little story which I submitted to the Wandering Weeds antho way back (especially since the prospective publisher’s website appears to have been taken down – picture my […]

A while ago, shortly after I started using Twitter in any sort of earnest, I fell in with bad company. These people are rude, funny and always online. They read and watch what pleases them, mainly geeky fantasy stuff, and then they write about what they think of it. They are Dion, Barry and Phil, […]

So today I finished The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, the middle book in the Kingkiller chronicle. This makes me sad, because Mr Rothfuss seems to have taken a leaf out of George R R Martin’s (very long, impeccably written but unfeasibly complicated) book and decided to wait a couple of years before publishing […]