My Editorial Services

Are you ready to publish your manuscript?

If you have a manuscript that is complete (or nearing completion), chances are you’re starting to think about publication. Whichever route you choose, this can be a scary and anxious time.

I can help by providing sensitive and helpful feedback, ironing out the wrinkles in your texts so you can be confident in their quality and clarity.

I offer a range of different editing services, designed for manuscripts at different stages and with different requirements. All offer supportive and useful feedback tailored to you and your writing, and my bespoke approach means that your voice will always be preserved.

For your peace of mind, I offer free sample edits, accompanied by full quotes and detailed breakdowns of services and timescales – no cost or obligation to you, this is all part of getting to know you and your writing. Just drop me a line to enquire about this.

My aim is for you to feel proud of and confident in the quality of your work, and to feel great about making it public. Whether you’ve written an email or an epic novel, a blog post or a research article, you’ll find an editorial service here to suit your needs.

Copy Editing

This is my standard service, the most commonly requested by academic clients but also by fiction authors and others. You get an editorial pass through your manuscript with attention to style, usage, logical flow, repetition, word choice, grammar, punctuation and typographical errors.

My rates start at £21 per hour for this service (based on the level of editing required). I will provide a full quote at the start of each project based on a free sample edit, and treat this as a maximum. However, if the work takes less time than I have quoted for, I will charge you less accordingly.

Short document service (next working day)

Tick tock, tick tock… Sometimes time really is of the essence – your deadline is approaching and you need your manuscript checking right now.

I’ve got you. Subject to availablity, I offer a fast copy-editing service for short documents (up to 2000 words in length), with a guaranteed next-working-day turnaround and a flat fee of £35 per document.

This is perfect for your emails, blog posts, short articles, marketing literature, web copy… You get the full copyediting service, and an assurance of my prompt attention to your words with a rapid turnaround to suit your deadline.

Developmental Editing

This service is tailored to fiction editors. I will provide a full copyediting service for your story, with additional attention to plot, narrative arcs, characterisation, consistency, narrative flow and genre.

Rates start at £25 per hour for this service. As with my copyediting service, I will provide a full quote for each project  based on a free sample edit, and will treat it as a maximum. If the work takes less time you’ll be charged less accordingly.


This is the final editorial stage before publication, to catch all those fiddly errors and typos that have slipped past your own edits and the eyes of your readers. A proofread is the final polish before publication.

You get an editorial pass through your document with attention to typographical errors, grammar, punctuation and formatting.

I charge £18 per hour for this service. As with the other services, I will provide a full maximum quote based on a free sample edit, but if the work takes less time I will charge you less accordingly.

If you have any questions about any of these services, please check out my FAQs page or drop me a line using the form below and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

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Thank you for editing and proof reading my article so thoroughly. The words flow much better than before, making it sound much more professional.

It’s great to know that I’ll be going to print with no grammatical errors. A fantastic job – I’ll definitely be using your services again.


AL, local magazine editor

Thank you so much. I have been absolutely delighted with your proof-reading, support, efficiency and flexibility – thank goodness I found your details, using Google, when I was looking for someone to proofread my work!


DC, academic client

Many, many thanks for your sterling work, up to your usual incredibly high standard. My very grateful thanks for all you have done to help me.


HT, romantic fiction author