Free resources

Here you will find a few resources that I’ve put together. They’re all free, offered here in the hope that they might be helpful for you.

I created them mostly for my own benefit – because I needed them, or something like them, at some point in my own journey. Some relate to writing and journalling as a daily practice, and some to social media and other aspects of the author life. I hope they’re useful for you too.

Please note that requesting the downloads on this page will sign you up to my email list. Clearly I’d love you to stick around, but if all you want is the download, please feel free to grab it and then instantly unsubscribe. Totally understood, no hard feelings.

A Week of Creative Journal Prompts for Authors

Regular journalling is a great way for a writer to explore ideas, record thoughts and keep the writing muscles active. Many writers use journalling as a regular part of their creative practice; it’s certainly helped me, and changed the way I feel about writing.

This pdf contains a brief introduction to journalling for writers, and 7 creative prompts to get you going. I hope you enjoy it.

30 Social Media Content Prompts for Authors

Social media can be – should be – an indispensable marketing tool for authors, enabling you to attract your people, get to know them and introduce them to them to your work.

However, the regular grind of coming up with content to post is real. This pdf contains 30 ideas for social media posts specially aimed at authors, that you can adapt to your area and use over and over again.