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In the course of your work or leisure activities, do you write? From reports, newsletters or essays to website content, CVs, theses or even that great unfinished novel you’ve been working on – anything and everything involving the written word will usually benefit from a professional eye, checking for grammar, consistency, style, spelling and all the other errors which are so difficult to spot in one’s own writing.

I am a freelance proofreader and copy-editor living and working in Derbyshire, UK. My mission is to provide a reliable, efficient and affordable service to writers everywhere, perfecting those precious manuscripts and preparing them for their intended audience. I can refine and correct your written English while maintaining your authorial voice and viewpoint – it’s your work, after all. 

Maybe English is not your first language, but you need to produce coherent and well-written documents (essays or dissertations, for example).  Or maybe you have a website with a potential readership of millions every day – think how important it is that your text is clear, correct and well-written. A stylish, concise CV could make all the difference to that job application, while polished press releases or marketing literature could provide your business with a welcome boost.

I also offer a transcription service, bringing your spoken words to the page. Meetings, interviews, research data, dictation, lectures, seminars, conference calls – if you can record it, I can transcribe it, correcting grammar and removing non-verbal utterances if required. I always ensure complete confidentiality, and am experienced at working accurately and to deadlines.