My Books

I write fiction in a variety of genres, and self-publish via Amazon/KDP.

My author page on Amazon is here, and below you will find individual links to my published work.

Sleeping Beauty

A princess in a marble castle, imprisoned by a spell and asleep for a hundred years, protected from the outside world by a hedge with razor-sharp thorns – so far, so very much like the usual version of the fairy tale.

But what if the hedge developed a thirst for blood? What then?

This dark fantasy short story retells the classic fairy tale from a new angle, imagining what might happen on the anniversary of the enchantment if the contenders for the princess’s hand encounter a little more than they bargained for…

I wrote this short story back in 2012, and it was originally published in the Wandering Weeds anthology edited by Jalena Clegg and Frances Pauli.