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I can work on any type of manuscript – paper typescripts, files on disc or web content. I accept manuscripts via email or post (address available on request).

I use MS Word (with comments and tracking) for most of my onscreen editing, but I am also able to read and edit .pdf files using Adobe Acrobat, and I am conversant with various web-authoring packages and online editing tools. For transcription I can work with .mp3 or .wav files, or with computer-based videos.

I always ensure complete confidentiality, and am usually able to offer fast turnaround times. No job is too small or too large!

I offer the following services:

I will scrutinise your manuscript for spelling and typographical errors, as well as checking punctuation, grammar, and misuse of words and tenses.

A full proofreading service, plus analysis of sentence structure and readability, style, clarity, coherence, accuracy and sense. Contradictions and errors of fact, indexes, lists and tables will all be checked for internal consistency.

English as a second language
A normal copy-editing service with special attention to grammar, sentence structure, clarity and style.

Transcription of recorded speech with preservation of speaker turns. If required: basic grammatical correction and removal of non-verbal utterances.

If you have any special requirements or if you have a tight deadline, please contact me to discuss your needs.